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An Arrant Entreaty   Leave a comment

If you like the sort of stuff we post here on the Quahog Annex, please check out (and ‘like’) our Facebook page. Every day we post vintage postcards, engravings, ephemera, souvenirs, events, and links of interest related to Rhode Island’s history and cultural quirks. And of course there’s a crap-ton of other Rhode Island-centric stuff back on the mothership,


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What events are eligible for calendar submission? is very specifically about Rhode Island, its history, culture, and quirks, so the kinds of events that are eligible for inclusion in our calendar are similarly narrow in scope.

Basically, events must take place within Rhode Island, be home-grown, be open to the public, and feature elements that are historical and/or Rhode Islandy.

We’re looking for:

  • Living history and commemorative history events
  • Meetings of historical or preservation societies
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Traditional holiday-related events like parades, fireworks, Easter egg hunts, etc.
  • Antiques auctions
  • Native American powwows
  • Historical or cultural workshops, lectures, and talks
  • Book signings or readings of books about, or set in, Rhode Island
  • Library book sales (a great source of inexpensive books about local history)
  • Premieres of locally-produced films
  • Tours
  • Paw Sox opening day
  • Vintage baseball games
  • Events related to historical buildings, museums, or local attractions
  • Events related to our quirky local cuisine
  • Or other forms of entertainment, recreation, or education which may be of relevance to anyone with an interest in Rhode Island.

When it comes to the arts — painting or photography exhibits, musical concerts, poetry readings, plays, etc. — content is everything. Quahog is not an arts website, but if there is an obvious Rhode Island element to the performance, we’ll consider it. We also reserve the right to include an event for no other reason than that it pleases us to do so.

Overall, if the event has some distinctly Rhode Islandy or historical element, that’s what we’re looking for.

Events that probably won’t make the cut:

  • Most sporting events
  • Concerts by non-Rhode Island artists
  • Non-local theatrical presentations (like Cats or Phantom)
  • Yard sales, rummage sales, or flea markets
  • Ladies’ Night at Hooters
  • Political fundraisers
  • Events that repeat regularly and often
  • Home, car, boat, flower, dog, or cat shows and their ilk
  • Meetings of clubs, societies (other than historical or preservation societies), associations, committees, commissions, guilds, unions, etc.
  • Charity walks, runs, or bike-a-thons
  • Any event the primary purpose of which is for singles to meet one another
  • Any event that is primarily a sales venture
  • Your birthday party (unless you’re the Governor, everyone in the state is invited, and it’s open bar)
  • Ditto your Aunt Margie’s funeral, no matter how much you loved her.

Unfortunately we don’t have the time to respond to every submission. If you’ve submitted an event but don’t see it on our calendar after about a week, either 1) we’re really busy and we’ll get to it when we can, or 2) your event somehow failed to tip the metaphorical Quahog scale in its favor.

Whether or not we post your event on Quahog, here are a number of other local online events calendars you should consider:

Does it cost anything to submit an event?
No, it’s free.

How do I submit an event?
Send an email with all relevant details to

Email Submission Format
We’re more likely to post your event if you provide the details in the following format, especially if your event falls in the gray area between what we’re looking for and what we’re not.

Month Day, Year
Venue, street address. Event description. Call (401) xxx-xxxx, email, or visit the Name website for more information.

The last part is a single paragraph and should include no more than 85 words.


January 14, 2010
Rhode Island 101
Riverside, East Providence
East Providence Public Library, Riverside Branch, 475 Bullocks Point Avenue. Tim Lehnert, author of “Rhode Island 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Rhode Island and Were Going to Ask Anyway,” will talk about Rhode Island history and trivia and show some historic Little Rhody images. Program is free and open to all. Call (401) 433-4877, email, or visit the East Providence Public Library website for more information.

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Welcome to the Quahog Annex   Leave a comment

What cheer, oh seeker of Rhode Islanditude?

The Quahog Annex is just what it sounds like—an annex to the website Why is such an annex needed? Because is in a state of flux. There are several features that do not currently work (chief among them the Quiz, the search function, and the ability to upload photos). We are in the process of slowly upgrading the entire site using Drupal, but in the meantime we’d like this annex to be a temporary place to publish content that has been languishing for over a year because of these technical issues.

It’s not all poisoned chocolates and dead flowers, though. Quahog’s events calendar is still being updated with all of the best events related to Rhode Island’s history, culture and quirks.

How to Google It.

How to Google It.

All of the content that was live in the past is still live on If you are looking for something specific on the site, we suggest you use Google site search to find it.

You’ll also find additional stuff of interest on our Facebook page.

As always, your comments, corrections, suggestions, etc. are always welcome. You can post here, via Facebook or dial direct at

* * * * *

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