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What cheer, oh seeker of Rhode Islanditude?

The Quahog Annex is just what it sounds like—an annex to the website Quahog.org. Why is such an annex needed? Because Quahog.org is in a state of flux. There are several features that do not currently work (chief among them the Quiz, the search function, and the ability to upload photos). We are in the process of slowly upgrading the entire site using Drupal, but in the meantime we’d like this annex to be a temporary place to publish content that has been languishing for over a year because of these technical issues.

It’s not all poisoned chocolates and dead flowers, though. Quahog’s events calendar is still being updated with all of the best events related to Rhode Island’s history, culture and quirks.

How to Google It.

How to Google It.

All of the content that was live in the past is still live on Quahog.org. If you are looking for something specific on the site, we suggest you use Google site search to find it.

You’ll also find additional stuff of interest on our Facebook page.

As always, your comments, corrections, suggestions, etc. are always welcome. You can post here, via Facebook or dial direct at stuffie@quahog.org.

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